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01 April 2008 @ 10:48 am
I would like to clarify that I work hard for the information that I post in jyannisweekly and i hate people who do not so much credit my work. That said, please do not repost the information here unless you directly tell me or e-mail or message me before doing so. I worked so hard.

Jyannis Weekly shall also continue shortly with Kamenashi Kazuya as the next Jyannis. Please look forward to it. I am also looking for help for anyone who wants to aid me in this project.

Thanks guys
16 June 2007 @ 08:33 pm

* Name: 草野博紀
    * Name (romaji): Kusano Hironori
    * Nicknames: Kusano, Notti or Kusano-kun
    * Profession: Actor and singer
    * Birthdate: 1988-Feb-15
    * Birthplace: Kanagawa
    * Height: 170cm
    * Weight: 56kg
    * Star sign: Aquarius
    * Blood type: B
    * Jpop group: K.K.Kity NewS, J2000,J-support
    * Talent agency: Johnny's Entertainment
    * Radio Show: NEWS Kick and Spin Muzik

Notti Facts

1. He entered Johnny's Entertainment on February 4,2001 at the age of 13.
2.As a Junior, he was a huge fan of Kamenashi Kazuya of KAT-TUN.
3. He loves girls who treat others nicely.
4. He is very ticklish.
5. He loves Curry Rice and Omuenrice. He hates bitter food, green peppers, eggplants and tomato.
6. His family consists of his parents, 2 Older Sisters, 1 Younger Sister
7. Currently Kusano is attending Hosei University, taking up Career Design and is now undergoing Practicum. ((arigatou minna!!)
8. The NEWS member he respects the most is Nishikido Ryo, he looks up to Yamapi the most.
9. He is making a comeback in PLAYZONE, Change2Chance
10. He loves Usher, Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake and Beyonce
11. He is considerably the best english speaker in NEWS.
12.Kusano has been voted in several Japanese fan polls as 'The Jr. you would want most as a brother'.
13. He only appeared in one drama: Gekidan Engimono : Ie Ga tooi.
14. He has weird habits, like touching his nose a lot.
15. About his suspension, he voluntarily withdrew from the limelight after the tabloid showed a picture of him with an alchoholic drink in his hand. He said he was not guilty.
16.His dog is a mini daschund named Ricky
17. His close friends in the group include Koyama and Kato who he was in the group KKKity with and Tegoshi Yuya.
18. He is a very positive person, with a good heart. He always does the right thing no matter how difficult it is ~ Tegoshi Yuya.
19. He likes Dragon Ball Z and his favorite Character is Mr. Satan.
20. He entered the All Japan Baseball team when he was younger.
21. His IPOD is colored pink and white and has mostly western music.
22. He still believes in Santa Claus.
23. He has a large collection of clothes, since he loves to go shopping. His favorite brands include Fubu.
24. He answers his phone in english and tries to talk in english all the time.
25. He once admitted that he loves Koyama in a hypnotism exercise in Ya-ya-yah. In the same episode, he was also in love with Yabu.
Marikit Notti
I love Notti for the simple fact that he is fun, energetic and always smiling. He is very sweet looking and always moving around. Kusano looks like he could not hurt a fly, at the same time he has this mischievous look to him that I adore. He is so cute, he has a handsome face and a nice energetic and bright personality. He is truly one NEWS member that I always watch.

Notti can dance really well, speak english well, rap, and sing very well. He is one of JE's most loved voices and sweetest guys. In my honest opinion, this guy's talents does not stop there. He is a great artist, a very good friend and i bet that doesnt even end there.

When he voluntarily left NEWS for a while, he sacrificed himself and his career. But, he worked hard to come back and now he is back. I hope we see a great many of Kusano in the future because Notti is awesome.

Notti Links and Downloads
Gekidan Engimono - ( subbed by akirashocksubs) Coming very soon....
Kusano@ newscan_projectYOU TUBE LINKS FROM tomoyokurogane

She's All Mine.
Tsuki No Michi
Medley [from Ya3]
Arigatou sang by kusano, massu and tegoshi
She's All Mine perf

thanks to sp_lork

Notti Picspam
click they are links!


10 June 2007 @ 07:08 am

    * Name: 内博貴
    * Name (romaji): Uchi Hiroki
    * Profession: Actor and singer
    * Date of Birth: 1986 September 10
    * Birthplace: Osaka
    * Height: 175cm
    * Weight: 52kg
    * Star sign: Virgo
    * Blood type: AB型
    * JPop group Kanjani8,NewS,
    * Talent agency: Johnny's Entertainment

 TV Shows

    *Isshun no Kaze ni Nare (2007)
    * Ganbatte Ikimasshoi (2005) - Only appears in first 2 episodes
    * Boku no Ikiru Michi (2003)
    * Doremisora (MBS, 2002)
   *TEAM4 (2003 FUJI)


1. HIs nickname from Ryo is Honey Toast or Piroki (based off Pink Hiroki his, eito color) and Shakkun ( i dont know ask RYo)
2. He is called Hime-chan by Eito members
3. Uchi entered Jyannis in May 29 1999 at 13. He was bribed by his mom saying that if he auditioned he would be given 500 en. he did and got in.
4. He wanted to be a pro baseball player
5.He had an operation in the lungs in May of 2005, where Koyama Keiichiro visited him and gave him encouragement.
6. He was suspended from NEWS and JE in July 16, 2005 and reduced as a trainee.
7. In 2003 he got an award in the DramaGrand Prix where he is the 6th consecutive Jyannis Jr. Winner.
8. He returns to us on May 16,2007 in CHangetoChance in PLAYZONE. (YAY)
9. Ryo and Shota Yasuda are his best friends in Kanjani 8.
10. he lives in Habikino City in Osaka
11. Uchi's favorite thing to doin the world is eating.
12. Generally, Uchi's personality is cool and easy to get along with  but he is also known for his impatience.
13. He likes the color blue.
14. Uchi likes being active, you rarely see him sit in a spot for long
15. Uchi is a straightforward and opinionated person. He usually says what he wants, when he wants and to whom he wants to.
16. Uchi Fans has an international petition online with 3157 total signatures for his return to NEWS and Kanjani 8
17. Uchi is called the oddball in NEWS, he answers questions creatively, he likes to do different things from the members.
18. In Kanjani 8, he is called the "Princess" of the group because of his feminine looking face and his kind of girly personality.
19. In Kanjani 8, they tease him to be  Ryo's girlfriend, because they are best friends and he would usually follow Ryo around and nag him about things.
20. During the "training period" he would still keep in contact with friends like Ryo and Shota Yasuda  in the industry.
21. Uchi Hiroki is the Seiyuu (voice actor) for Touma in the Anime movie ONE PIECE whichi incidently, NEWS sang the theme for - Sayaendou.
22. Ryo and Uchi mailed each other everyday. and went yatta together when they learned about his new drama.Isshun no Kaze ni Nare”

From ryopichi:
ryo called him 'shakkun' cuz of his chin/jaw line..or something... bone structure..
he has a younger sister. He reads her manga.
His pet's name; leon.
He treasures a wallet that was given to him by his dad..
his mom is cute (at least that's what he keeps saying!) a mama's boy (everyone knows that :DD)
Favorite colors were red,pink & blue.
When he was a kid, he mistaken a 'poop' to a rock! Rofl~~
Among news, I think.. Koyama is his close friend aside from ryo.. They always hang out since the formation.
Yoko&uchi are neighbors.
he likes chubby girls more than skinny types (opposed to ryo)
- Likes chocolate
- Admires the sunset
- He admit that he loves his mother very much
- Uchi's mother and father are famous. -His mother is an actress
- Mom gave birth to him at 18/19 yrs.
- He was the vocalist of V.west
- He can play guitar
- He has a dog named LEON (A little white terrier)
- He himself says he looks like a pocky (long thin biscuits) because he is skinny.

From lilyhong:
Uchi wants to get married at the age of 27 , and have 3 kids
He said his mother is his type
He is said to have a poison-tongue sometimes (blames one Ryo for bad influence)
He is a voice actor for Touma ONE PIECE 5 , and NewS sing its song in ONE PIECE 6
He used be to in V.WEST
He is voted to be the best kisser in NewS
Kanjani8 tease hime about this blue-blood (his great great great relative was sort of a member of royalty )

Marikit Uchi
Uchi, or Piroki, as I call him is adorable,  he has a very particular voice and character. He is a wonderful guy with a bright personality. Uchi's personality is explosive and curious. He is a guy with bright eyes that seems to see everything and want to know everything. He is impressable, and very sweet. Maybe that is why they call him "O-hime" in K8.

I love Uchi, he's a cool guy, a good friend to Koyama and Ryo and very handsome. In fact he looks so pretty he's like a girl. I love his sweet smile, his princely face and his height. But he was so thin before. I hope when we see him this time, he has gained weight.

I can't wait to see him and Notti in Playzone. I miss him so much!! <3 Ganbatte Uchi!! I support you!

Piroki Links and Downloads
Uchi Vs. The Fish
Team SPecial

Piroki Audio

these are links! CLICK THEM!

Please come back for more facts, links and other things

THANK YOU!!!! I loVe you girls


28 May 2007 @ 12:22 pm

     * Name: 小山慶一郎
    * Name (romaji): Koyama Keiichiro
    * Nicknames: Koyama, Keii or Kei-chan, Koyamacchi
    * Profession: Actor / Singer
    * Date of Birth: 1984-May-01
    * Birthplace: Tokyo
    * Height: 177cm
    * Weight: 53kg
    * Star Sign: Taurus
    * Blood Type: O
    * Family: Parents, older sister
    * JPop Group: BAD, J-support, K.K.Kity, NewS
    * Talent Agency: Johnny's Entertainment
    * Radio Show: K-chan News (KちゃんNEWS)

 TV Shows

    * Hana Yome wa Yakudoshi (2006)
    * Kurosagi (2006) (episode 2 guest appearance) as Tanabe Satoshi
    * Ns' Aoi (2006) as Kitazawa Takeshi
    * Kanojo ga Shinjyatta (2004)


    * DANCIN'☆ TO ME
    * Romeo
    * Love Addiction
    * [chirarizumu]
    * Aoi Inazuma

K-chan Trivia

1. He has a cat named Nyanta who he always taunts Shige with.(Shige loves cats but is allergic to them)
2. His home is a Ramen Shop that he runs with his mom on his off days.
3. He graduated from Meiji University Majoring in Asian Studies.
4. He is really good in Baseball.
5. He loves Ramen and, iced chocolate and hates tomatoes.
6. He thinks alone time is his most important part of the day. It is the time he uses to reflect on things..
7. He spoils his nephew a lot. He buys him toys and clothes all the time,so that why he is called a "Foolish Uncle".
8. He loves going to the bathhouse.
9. He is Tegoshi's Karaoke partner and they call themselves KOYATEGO!
10. He has the bad habit of not replying to phone calls or e-mails and worries everyone.
11. He is like the responsible big brother Jyannis. He is the respected Senpai by the Juniors. The Juniors usually have him go ahead at the catering table to get food.
12. He enjoys performing in stage plays and looking forward to his role in High School Musical.
13. He does his own laundry and at one point, he mixed a red shirt with his white clothes and he regrettably blogged about it.
14. He is a good speaker. He is often called by Jyannis when changes occur in performances to be the one to announce it.
15. Keii-chan recieved honors from Meiji University during his graduation as one of Japan's Model Youth. He even had posters and flyers around school with it.
16. He visited Uchi in the Hospital when Uchi was hospitalized and encouraged him.
17. He speaks to his best friend, Kato Shigeaki everyday and reminds him to go to sleep.
18.He answers his phone with Konnichiwa or "hai-hai!".
19. He idolizes Nagase and Koichi Domoto.
20.He was a Teacher's Assistant in School.
21. He takes the role of the oldest brother in NEWS making sure everyone is healthy and alright.
22. He is really optomistic. It is his motto in life to never look in at life in a negative manner.
23: He likes girls who wears pigtails.
24. When he is anxious before a concert, his hands would be shaking. Sometimes, he would let Shige or Tegoshi hold them so it would calm down.
25.He wanted to be a pilot when he was younger. And if he wasn't an idol he wanted to work at a convenience store so he can meet a lot of people. He also said he would never be a travel sales agent.

K-chan Downloads and Links

Like a child by  insane_desire
Translations: (thanks tinyangl)
- Koyama's Fact File
- SC Letters between Koyama and Uchi
- A Note from Koyama to Oguri Shun
- Wink Up 04/2007 (About Koyama with NewS)
- Love Addiction Kanji and Romanji
- Love Addiction Translation
- Koyato's Chirarizumu: Kanji and Translation
- (One) Entry from Koyama's J-Web
- Koyama's 04.10.2006 (About Yamapi's B-Day)
- Koyama's Tag under [info]nbj_jweb (F-Locked.)
- Member Ai! Koyama's J-web Translations


Videos:( love you tinyangl-AOI INAZUMA from sweetpniangel87
- [SC] 2003.07.13 KKKity – Sennen no Love Song
- [Yax3] KKKity – Stand Up
- [MS] 2002.03 Tsubasa, KKKitty – Medley
- [SC] 2003.05.06 Koyama Keiichirou & Kato Shigeaki – Yume Monogatari
- [SC] 2006.06.04 Koyama – Cherish
- [Clip] Koyama, Yamapi, and Uchi – Cheerleader, Cow, Dance
- [SC] 2006.12.03 Koyama Keiichiro – Love Addition
- [SC] Koyama Keiichiro and Kato Shigeaki - Chirarizumu
- [Yax3] 2007.03.18 NewS – Hoshi wo Mezashite (Koyama, Shige, Tegoshi, Massu)
- [Yax3] Koyama and Kusano – Answering Machine Skit
- [TV] 2007.03.13 Koyama Keiichiro – 2jichao (High School Musical)

Marikit K-chan
Keii-chan.... I don't know how to  begin with him. He's a chatter box, an oniiisan a generally nice guy. He is a great friend, a super good son, a doting uncle, a sweet person, dedicated and passionate with his work and all around super-cool idol. The juniors look up to him. NEWS respect him and his colleagues all like him. What's not to like about Keii-chan?

His personality is endearing. He is loved by everyone and yet, he works hard. I don't know anything that I could say about Keii that I don't really like. Maybe, his look. I am not so fond of it, but in time I grew to love it. And oh boy can he dance. OMG. *___* Aoi inazuma!!  I died multiple times at the fancam and to this day its one of my favorite parts of  it. HIP ROLL!! HIP ROLL!

From the start, he is really the responsible, chatty and funny guy in NEWS. Though he is not the best looking, he makes you look and notice him. He's really a sweetheart and you can't help but smile with his deep chatter. I loved the fact that he knows that he is the eldest and that he has responsibility over the young ones. Though sometimes he does act like a child ( especially around Shige) I think his open personality is what I love the best.

Koyama to me is what a best friend, and brother should be like. I wish he was my oniichan. <3

thanks to tinyangl

23 May 2007 @ 10:06 am

    * Name: 山下智久 (やました ともひさ)
    * Name (romaji): Yamashita Tomohisa
    * Real name: Aoki Tomohisa (青木智久)
    * Profession: Actor and singer
    * Nicknames: Yamapi (山P/山ピ), Pi, Tomo-chan
    * Birthdate: 1985-Apr-09
    * Birthplace: Chiba, Japan (Funabashi City)
    * Height: 175cm
    * Weight: 60kg
    * Star sign: Aries
    * Blood type: A
    * Family: Mother (Naomi) and younger sister (Rina)
    * Associated JPOP groups: B.I.G., 4TOPS, NewS, Shuuji to Akira, Kitty GYM, No BORDER
    * Talent agency: Johnny's Entertainment

TV Dramas

    * Proposal Daisakusen as Iwase Ken (Fuji TV, 2007)
    * Byakkotai as Sakai Shintaro & Sakai Mineji (2007)
    * Kurosagi as Kurosaki (2006)
    * Nobuta wo Produce as Kusano Akira (2005)
    * Dragon Zakura as Yajima Yusuke (2005)
    * Sore wa, Totsuzen, Arashi no you ni... as Fukazawa Takuma (2004)
    * Budou no Ki (Grapevine) as Shindou Yousuke (2003)
    * Stand Up!! as Iwasaki Kengo (2003)
    * Lunch no Joou as Nabeshima Koshiro (2002)
    * Long Love Letter as Tadashi Yui (2002)
    * Shounen wa Tori ni Natta as Nagashima Ken (2001)
    * Kabachitare as Tamura Yuta (2001)
    * All Star Chuushingura Matsuri as Asano Takumi (2000)
    * Shijou Saiaku no Deeto as Okamura Yuuki (2000, ep1)
    * Ikebukuro West Gate Park as Mizuno Shun (2000)
    * Kiken na kankei as Miyabe Satoshi (1999, ep10-11)
    * Kowai Nichiyoubi (1999, ep13)
    * P.P.O.I. as Amano Tairo (1999)
    * Nekketsu Renaidou (1999, ep7)
    * Shounentachi as Kakuda Shinya (NHK, 1998)
    * Shinrei Safaa no Shi as Child (1998)
     *Crazy Virgin Road broadcasted : April 2003, Fuji TV  <<< its an engimono i want to find


    * 10th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix (2005-06): Best Actor, Nobuta wo Produce
    * 4th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix (2000-01): Best Newcomer, Ikebukuro West Gate Park
    * Annual Junior Awards: 'Best Boyfriend', 'Most Beautiful', etc. (2000)


    * Misau Home
    * MOW
    * Pringles
    * Kiss Mint
    * Coca Cola
    * TBC Beauty Salon
    * TBC Yoga Classroom
    * TBC 30th Anniversary
    * TBC Dressing Room
    * TBC Summer
    * TBC Live Naturally
   * Rakubeji
   *Weider CM


    * Daite Senorita (2006 May 31st)


    * Bare face 2 (1999 September 22nd)
    * Bare face 3 (2001 February 14th)


    * TIME (charge of writing the lyric)
    * Blue (charge of writing the lyric composition)
    * LET ME (charge of writing the lyric)
    * Road (you take charge of writing the lyric. The duet tune of Shigeaki Kato)
    * Gomen ne Juliet (charge of writing the lyric composition)
   * Kiss de Tsutaete ( with koki)


  1. He entered Jyannis Jimusho September 6,1996, after being inspired by Hideaki Takizawa (Tackey). He eventually appeared in dramas and then became part of Jyannis Jr. and BIG.
  2. Akanishi Jin, Shirota Yuu and Yamapi all have the same necklaces with the brand Janji (sp). It's a friendship necklace Jin bought for them.
  3. He barely brings anything to concerts and other out of town performances. Just a change of clothing and his cellphone.
  4. He's usually quiet backstage, and staring into space doing curls or push-ups. I think that relaxes him ~ Shigeaki Kato
  5. The name YamaPi is short for Yamashita Pink which was given to him by his idol Hideaki Takizawa after he saw that Yamashita is always put in Pink.
  6. He has two dogs, P-chan and Hime-chan. hime was originally named coco but his mom and sister kept on calling it hime so it stuck
  7. He has a birthmark on his left eye
  8. He plays the piano quite well. He had his recital at 14.
  9. He loves the beach and dreams of retiring in Hawaii to surf and play there.
  10. He is very affectionate with his friends. He almost never misses a birthday or a special occassion with friends.
  11. He is very protective of his sister. HE said he still doesnt want her to have a boyfriend. (at age 19?! COME ON PI!!)
  12. He likes cooking, when he can, but he says that he's not very good at it.He hates cream. (well not very much of it, I guess)
  13. Nishikido Ryo and Yamashita Tomohisa have been friends since Jyannis Juniors. They would talk for hours on the phone when Yamapi calls Ryo's house in Osaka.
  14. He updates his J-web daily. He loves it so much that he can communicate with the fans through it.
  15. His favorite bands include: Southern All Stars, Mr.Children, GLAY, Fukuyama Masaharu
  16. He is always busy, if there was one thing that he wanted to have more of, it is time so he can go to sleep and do all the things he needed to do in a day.
  17. Yamapi is very confident when it comes to some of his subjects in school that sometimes he only brings a pen to exams and nothing else.
  18. He studies in Meiji University taking up Business. It is also where Koyama Keiichiro graduated.
  19. Yamapi tries to take and read all of his fanmail. There is a limit to the number of mail you can take with you per week (?) and the staff sometimes catches him smuggling more home.
  20. Yamapi tried to learn Thai for GYM. He still keeps contact with Pichaya Nitipaisalkul (Golf) through chat or email.
  21. He is basically left-handed but was taught to be ambidextrous. He writes and uses scissors and knives with the right hand and eats with the left.
  22. He can draw a very nice "Bucktooth Doraemon". In the hotel once, they played Pictionary and he showed off that he could draw doraemon. Ryo-chan called it bucktooth.
  23. He is very prompt and serious with his work. During rehearsals, he takes charge as a leader should and is very responsible. Yet, he listens to people's opinions. ~ Masuda Takahisa
  24. With money he is very frugal, in one of the concerts, the boys took off their tops and threw it to the crowd, however Yamapi didn't throw his. The reason? He said that he had on a very expensive tank top. ( Expensive? 500 yen worth.)] He did throw it in the end, but he said to the fan "Can you give it back to me?" ( thanks
  25. He composed a song for Jyannis Juniors that is called "Say it with a Kiss" ( unsure of the title).
Marikit Yamapi
I have to admit. I am not the biggest Yamapi fan on the planet. But I do love him just the same. He is a splendid actor and great singer plus, he's really humble which makes him awesome in my book! <3 Yamapi to me is a wonderful guy and he's so natural that he sometimes doesn't seem like a big star.

What endeared me to Pi is his spazziness. I first LOVED him as AKIRA from Nobuta wo Produce. That stupid spazziness got to me and I loved him so dearly for that. Then I watched him more in everything - especially in summary DVD Backstage where he showed who he really is with Jin. I thought that was really cute. He's so silly and frank and funny that it made me smile.

I honestly think that that is the real Yamapi underneath all the seriousness with work, the stress and the quiet facade. He's just too busy to be himself lately ( honestly johnny give the boy a break!) I love yamapi because he is probably the most down to earth idol I have seen. he's awesome and super talented and I have to admit he's very easy on the eyes as well.

 Yamapi Links
ryo_pi Yamapi

</b>thank you the_poos_winnie SUBMISSIONS STILL WELCOME

 Let me Performance MU
Love song  MU
Daite Senorita MU
Kiss de Tsutaete MU
Hakone trip with mom MU

FROM </a></b></a>lhukhe09

[SC] YamaPi - Yubiwa [MU]
[SC] YamaPi - Let Me MU
[SC] YamaPi + JRs - Kiss de Tsutaete MU
[SC 2003.09.07] YamaPi - Yamiyagari MU
[SC 2002.09.15] Toma + YamaPi - Yokuboh no Rain MU
[SC 2006.01.15] YamaPi - LoveXXXX [eng subbed by Nya!]
[Clip] YamaPi - Orange Juice Trick MU




... ALSO EDITING A LOT.. lets add a few more pics now...

07 May 2007 @ 10:45 am


* Name: Masuda Takahisa (増田貴久)
    * Nickname: Massu
    * Birthday: 1986.7.4
    * Zodiac sign: Cancer
    * Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
    * Height: 170cm
    * Weight: 58kg
    * Blood Type: O
    * Radio Show: Masuda Takahisa no Master Hits (増田貴久のMASTER HITS; Masuda Takahisa's Master Hits)
    * Groups:   Best Beat Boys (B.B.B.) B.B.F. Kis-My-Ft. Stormy group NEWS [tegomasu]


    * [2002] 3-nen B-gumi Kinpachi Sensei 6
    * [2003] Musashi
    * [2005] Gekidan Engimono - Ie ga Tooi
    * [2006] Gachi Baka!
    * [2006] Dandori~Dance*Drill
    * [2006] Waraeru Koi wa Shitakunai


25 Massutastic Facts:
  1. He joined Jyannis Jimusho November 8,1998
  2. He has perfect vision
  3. He loves cleaning stuff. He has the "fastidious symptom" more commonly known as obsessive compulsiveness.
  4. Massu is very close to Tegoshi and the boys. He is the one who initiates going out or checking up on each friend so they would be closer.
  5. He is passive with romantic love, he said it is impossible for him to confess. He would prefer it coming from the girl. He is surprisingly shy when it comes to relationships. He never had a girlfriend before.
  6. He took care of Tegoshi while in Sweden. He considers Tegoshi like his brother.
  7. He has special certifications in Physical Education especially in Swimming.
  8. He had piano lessons when he was younger but he hated it and quit after 2 years.
  9. Everytime they do rehearsals or right before the concerts, NEWS members ask Massu for help in the dance steps so they could get them right. He teaches them dance.
  10. Massu is very careful with money - he thinks a lot before buying anything, because it is the custom of the Masuda Family to be stingy.
  11. Massu's favorite color is yellow.He likes things that are bright and colorful.
  12. Massu's got the most unique and flamboyant style in NEWS, but his cheerful personality makes him pull it off. - Koyama
  13. Massu sometimes wears nailpolish on certain fingers. He's very independent in his thinking and style.
  14. Massu is very irressolute. If he knows he's right, he would fight even the choreographer or director until he gets his way, getting them into trouble.
  15. Massu  loves girls with pretty eyes. He thinks the eyes are the window to one's soul.
  16. Massu is endeared to everyone and everyone dotes on him because he is like a Mascot. He is just so lovable and you just can't get mad at him ~ Shige
  17. Massu went out with Koyama once and went shopping together and went to a concert. During this trip, Massu and Koyama bought similar arm bands and Massu wanted him and Koyama to wear it at the same time.
  18. Massu calls his mom to check if she cooked before going out to eat dinner with friends.
  19. He loves food. (doh!) and he can cook very well.He learned from his older sister and his mother.  He eats healthy and he tries to balance his diet.
  20. He is scared of dogs because he was once chased by a dog when he was little. He is also scared of bugs.
  21. Massu is very sweet with friends. He is very thoughtful and treasures family and friendships - he never forgets a birthday or an occassion.
  22. He can dance anywhere, when he's bored he would just burst into a little jig~ Ryo
  23. He is always late, even though he is up 3 or 4 hours early to prepare. He likes to eat a leisurely breakfast.
  24. He always has very neat luggage and wardrobe. In customs going to LA, he got upset when they opened his luggage and started fixing his stuff there.
  25. His locker is pristine and everything is folded and has its place. I am afraid to borrow anything from Massu because he is so clean and I am afraid to dirty it ~ Tegoshi
Massutastic Links and Downloads

Massutastic Picspam
100 Pics - by redohibi
Cherish massu fan listing
Massu @ newscan_project

Marikit Massu
Massu is possibly the cutest boy in NEWS. I love his sweet dimpled smile and his amazing arms. He has an amazing body. He looks like the most youthful of the group and the most active. He loves to smile and he's very funny. Massu to me is just like a big child.

Though he looks very childish, he is far from childish. He is very dedicated to his work, but he also reminds people to relax and have fun in this business. Massu has an infectuous smile and it is apparent that everyone loves it even the NEWS members. Massu's cheerfulness helps NEWS and Tegoshi especially to keep focused on the positive things when things get tough.

I love Massu especially because he's very adorable that even little kids like him. Honestly, my 3 year old cousin loves him! He's a  person that can make anyone smile and that is why I love MASSU. PLus the fact that he's a little pig makes me happy.


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Tegoshi Yuya

* Name: 手越祐也
* Name (romaji): Tegoshi Yuya
 Nickname(s): Tego, Tegocha, Tesshi, Tegorin, Tegonyan, Goshi
 * Profession: Actor and singer
 * Date of birth: 1987-Nov-11
* Birthplace: Kanagawa
* Star sign: Scorpio
* Blood type: B
 * Height: 170cm
* Weight: 52kg
 * Group: NEWS
* Radio Show: NEWS Tegoshi Yuya's What A Wonderful Music!
* Talent Agency: Johnny's Entertainment

  1. YOU-world is yours-
  2. Stars
Original Composition
  1. Over (lyrics with Kato Shigeaki)
  2. Trash box (lyrics)
25 Tegoshi Facts

   1. Entered Jyannis December 1, 2002
   2. He took the exam for Aoyama Gakuin where Kato Shigeaki studies,  but he failed the test and instead passed the test for Horikoshi  High School and is now in Waseda University studying Psychology. ( thanks dizzy_starshine)
   3. He is called the RainMan because when doing photoshoots outdoors, he usually goes first and when he does, it always rains. It happened in the Hoshi wo Mezashite Jacket Photoshoot. In addition to this, when he was filming Gekidan Engimono it also rained. It also rained when they were filming the final scenes of Shissou even though the weather report said it was going to be clear and so they can't shoot the scene. The same thing also happened on the first day of My Boss My Hero.
   4. He has a dog named Tinny which he calls his girlfriend and that he spoils.  His nickname for her is Tiny ( thanks tegogo)
   5. He idolized Kimura Takuya of SMAP and has posters of him in his house and he wishes to have a duet with him one day.
   6. He played soccer for about 10 years and still plays it occasionally when he has the time.
   7. He is double jointed.
   8. He admires Celine Dion so much that he mimics her sometimes and has all her DVDS and watches her in reference to performing.
   9. He always carries a LARGE box of perfume in his bag.
  10. He always enters the Jyannis office with a "Yoo-hoo!" - Yamashita Tomohisa
  11. He treats Koyama Keiichiro like his Oniisan and often goes out with him for Karaoke
  12. He formed a "black hair alliance" with Nishikido Ryo and Ryo will only sing a duet with him if he reverts to his old black hair.
  13. He has acrophobia, because he got stuck at a 4th floor of an apartment and somehow he needed to jump off. He landed safely but from then on, he got scared of heights.
  14. He admits that he does not have Fashion Sense and asks Ryo to be his Fashion Guru.
  15. Tegoshi tends to be clingy. He is clingy to everyone and often gives them hugs before he leaves for the day or in greeting.
  16. Concerning dancing, Tegoshi took intense dance lessons with Massu during the hiatus because he was tired of people saying that he can't dance.
  17. His favorite food is Yakiniku and would often invite people to join him to go there.
  18. He is a text addict and texts everyone "Good Morning" and "Good night" everyday.
  19. He speaks to Massu everyday after work/in the evening to check on him. Furthermore, TegoMass makes it a point to go out to do something together at least once a week to keep good friendship.
  20. George Miller handpicked him for his role in Happy Feet. When asked why he chose Tegoshi Yuya, he answered "Because he is full of confidence, and it is the very element I want to enforce to the youth."
  21. When taking pictures, Tegoshi calls his own shots piccasso like because he takes of the weirdest things and usually they come out blurry.
  22. For Valentine's day, Tegoshi attempted to bake everyone in NEWS and the staff some cookies, and they came out tasting great but a little too hard. He describes his cookies as "tough love"
  23. Tegoshi's locker is like a girl's because it has a lot of cute stuff in it, perfume, mirror and pictures of NEWS, TegoMassu, Koichi Senpai and it is very neat and colorfully arranged. -Massu
  24. Tegoshi wrote the lyrics to Over,(composed by Kato Shigeaki and duet with Shige), and Trashbox. He is a budding lyricist and loves to come over Shige's house to compose songs.
25.  Tegoshi also has his license and can drive.

Tegoshi Links

Holy Rosary ( Feature and Picspam)
Tegoshi Yuya Fanlisting
Tegoshi Picspam by tinyangl

Tegoshi Download

Happy Feet -Tegoshi from yamaperfection
Sunadokei- Tegoshi
You- Tegoshi SC Performance
tegoshi scans @ newscan_project

Tegoshi Audio *coming soon*

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((THANKS  sweetpniangel87
Tegoshi - I want it that way
Tegoshi- Stars
Tesshi Medley 3-05-06
Hitori Bochi no Haburachi
Gomibako - with SHIGE
OVER  with Shige
Can you feel the love tonight

Marikit Tegoshi

Tesshi is the best singer in NEWS and I agree. The boy is simply super talented. He is also a boy whom I had watched grow up on screen. He was a cute innocent boy with a lot of energy, even naive to the point that where in the SUMMARY Backstage, Tegoshi was doted upon, teased and cared by everyone. Because, back then, Tegoshi was a baby and he was very endearing. I think that That is one of his best qualities. Being endearing like that, is his charm.

Tegoshi was born to be cute. Everything he does is cute ( even his things are) and he was also born to sing and perform onstage. That natural talent is harnessed and I believe he will be one of the biggest singers in Japan. He ust has that kind of aura. His voice is beautiful and smooth and it improves daily. He also works very hard as we saw his improvement ( major improvement in dancing) But what I think is this: Tegoshi needs to find his own identity like Shige did and not imitate others too much or try to be sexy or cool because sexy or cool... well I think does not suit him

Tegoshi is a fanboy whether he admits it or not. He imitates people and usually end up failing when he does. I wish that he just get his own style or go back to the innocent, naive and cute Tegoshi that everyone adores. Tesshi, you are adorable. This is why I LOVE YOU.

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more pics coming soon

normal disclaimers and credits to the people who worked hard for the facts. Thanks for the corrections if i am wrong! ( ^_^ ) SOURCES: FANS! BBS ( JP BBS), WIKIPEDIA and More (will link soon)
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    * Name: Kato Shigeaki (加藤成亮)
    * Nickname: Shige, Ge-shi, Kato-kun, Shigeko
    * Birthday: 1987.7.11
    * Zodiac sign: Cancer
    * Birthplace: Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan
    * Height: 175cm (5'9")
    * Weight: 55kg (121 lbs)
    * Blood Type: A
    * Pets: Dog (Nana - miniature daschund)
    * Radio Show: SHIGET TOGETHER
    *  ESSAYS : Myojo
    * Groups he has worked with: BAD, KKK, NEWS, J-support


    * Kakure Karakuri (TBS, 2006)
    * Gekidan Engimono Car Radio ga Owareba (Fuji TV, 2006)
    * Busu no Hitomi ni Koishiteru (Fuji TV, 2006)
    * Gekidan Engimono Ie ga Tooi (Fuji TV, 2005)
    * 3 nen B gumi Kinpachi sensei 6 (2002)

   1. Survival 2005
   2. HAPPY MUSIC 2006
   3. Cacao 2007
   4. Chiarizumu ( Duet with Koyama Keiichiro) 2007

Composed songs:
   1. Over (composition with Tegoshi Yuya) 2004
   2. Trash box  (Tegoshi Yuya Lyrics and his music) 2005
   3. Just do it! (Writing the lyric composition) 2005
   4. HAPPY MUSIC ( lyric composition) 2006
   5. Road (Tomohisa Yamashita's lyric & his music) 2006
   6. Cacao (lyric composition) 2007

 25 Rockstar Facts:
  • Koyama has a special nickname that he uses only for Shige when he wants to annoy Shige - it is Shiggy-chan. ( Based off Ziggy)

  • Shige is afraid of caterpillars or any creepy crawly creature like it

  • He goals to be fluent in English and watches and listens to Western Music all the time. The boys call him the resident Western Music expert. ( though he fails sometimes)

  • He brings a small notebook with his notes everywhere, to study in between takes, or in trips. He has good grades in school.He is attending Aoyama University and taking up Law.

  • He auditioned Johnny's Entertainment April 17, 1999 and was accepted at 8:00 AM.

  • He used to be in B.A.D ( Beautiful American Dreams) and Johnny's Juniors as well as J-Support KKKity.

  • He got his dog NANA from Yokoo Wataru of Kis-my-Ft2.

  • The sempai he looks up most to is Koichi Domoto who formed KKKity and J-support.

  • Shige denies the Kansai Dialect but occassionally slips into it.

  • He went to the same pre-school with Hmanaka Bunichi (Johnny's Juniors)

  • He is a really good basketball player . He also knows how to play Tennis.

  • He loves motorcycles and wishes he had one, but his mom is too nervous to allow him to buy one. He also likes fast cars: his favorite is Nissan Skyline and the 350Z

  • Shige talks fast and has a "Trigger Finger" for the cellphone. He texts back the fastest and answers the fastest.

  • He writes his blog from the point of view of a fictional cat named "Wagahai." This is a parody he did based off  of Natsume Soseki's "I am a cat." which is his favorite book.

  • He likes Red Hot Chili Peppers, Linkin Park and Green Day.

  • He loves curry, miso ramen, food from Miyazaki Food ( restaurant?)  and the ramen from Koyama's Mom's Ramen Shop

  • He writes a lot of stories and poems. You can always see him scribbling something down everywhere, even on a napkin ~ Massu

  • He goes to the gym (when he's not lazy) every week. He wants to have muscles like Massu.

  • His guitar is a Fender Squire Stratocaster. His dream guitar is a Rickenbacker 360 with a hollow body.

  • He rarely cleans his room, it has books everywhere, DVDS and music sheets. He says he loses things when he cleans, but his clothes are always in a hamper.

  • He always has his IPOD and his recorder with him and sometimes sings/talks to it when he has ideas He writes a lot of stories and lyrics. ~Tegoshi Yuya

  • His worst experience with a fan was getting ignored in the Shinkansen while the fan was watching shounen club on her IPOD beside him. He intends to change this and want everyone to know who he is.

  • He is the self-proclaimed master of Tekken 5 and SNK. He likes video games a lot. He plays an MMORPG when he has free time. He likes the Final Fantasy Series.

  • Shige knows how to cook, when he needs to. ( If instant food qualifies as cooking and some riceballs.) He would rather buy from a restaurant than cook, he is too lazy for preparing and clean up.

  • Shige is a genius at a lot of things, except cameras and scissors, and then he fails..
  • Kato Shigeaki's favorite present from a fan was a plushie made of himself with his Happy Music costume. He has it in his locker in JE and brings it to performances and concerts to remind him to work hard for the fans. ** NEW FACTOID**
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04.08.07 SC Chiarizumu Review
Reinvention: 8 Years of Rockstar Love
Happy Music Forums
Pretty Boy- Shige

ALL OF THEM IN MEGAUPLOAD . Comments are love.

SC Performance - Survival
Shige Bitches at Koyama (w/ Ya-ya-yah)
Shige Touch Interview
KKK Performance
Shige Yumenogatari (sp) with Koyama
04.30.06 HAPPY MUSIC ( No Sound. Good video no sound. )
04.09.06 HAPPY MUSIC (With Sound)
Survival SC performance HQ

everything is in MP3


Over - w/ Tegoshi Yuya
Road - w/ Yamapi

Shiget Together

Shiget Together 05-11-06
Shiget Together 26-11-
Shiget Together 04-08-07

How do I begin to describe how much I love the rockstar? I don't know but for sure that he is one of my strongest muses and favorite guys in the world. Shige is NEWS' Rockstar and Genius. The boy is so smart! I love him! He's also very creative ( I love wagahai!) He's the BEST!! ( and he's a fictional cat wtf!!) He's also very deep and he seems mysterious.

Sometimes, you really do not know what goes on in the mind of Kato Shigeaki. It seems that  his brain is perpetually turning, making music, creating worlds and simply thinking ideas that is unique to him. I love reading his essays in Myojo. It gives me an insight on the person that is Shige. And I fall more.

Shige to me is a character. He's my strongest muse. (I am only writing a 6 Chapter fic on what I think is going on with him) And I think that he is trying to change his image. He wants to be known more, and he should! He has a lot of talent and the looks to go with it. Shige, I love you... you're the best Rockstar a girl can ever have...  He is my ROCKSTAR PRINCE


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Current Music: Chiarizumu - Koyato

  • Name: 錦戸亮
  • Name (romaji): Nishikido Ryo
  • Profession: Actor and singer
  • Date of birth: 1984-Nov-03
  • Birthplace: Osaka
  • Height: 170cm
  • Weight: 53kg
  • Star Sign: Scorpio
  • Blood Type: O
  • Family: Father, mother, two elder brothers, one younger sister
  • JPOP Groups Kanjani8,NEWS
  • Talent agency: Johnny's Entertainment

25 Things You (Probably) Did not Know about Ryo:

★His special nckname for Hiroki Uchi: Honey Toast and Piroki

★He is basically a righty, but he got fractures on his Right arm  so he uses his left hand a lot. (he cant bend his right hand well)
(That explains a lot for me! Like how he cant dance well sometimes!)

★Ryo likes to read a lot of books. Mostly Non-fiction. He loves the Da Vinci code. he likes to read about various subjects.

★Ryo taught Tegoshi the Guitar and he also helps Tegoshi with a lot of his fashion choices. Tegoshi is his "pet" that he calls Tego-nyan

★In an interview with NEWS where Ryo was absent Keii-chan said "He keeps on going on until he collapsed. He kept persevering even though he did not feel well and he did not tell anyone." Massu added that,"He worried us.He kept on shouldering responsibility when we can share it. "  Shige  also said that "He is our Aniki. I call him like my older brother since I have no siblings. He always takes care of us  before himself."  Tegoshi also said "We hope that he would be ok. "  (What happened, Ryo-tan?! *panic*)

★When he was shooting the drama One Liter of Tears he kept on slipping into Kansai-ben and he kept on ad-libbing and adding things to it even after he had spoken the speech.He studies the script at home and when he goes to the set, he tries not to have any script and acts like Asou all the time.
(I want to see! OMG *flails*)

★He plays the role of an intimidating boy with his speech and he's the cool guy of NEWS  but he is really an extremely shy person.

★Among the sempais, He meets up with Jun Matsumoto most. Among his colleagues, its with Yamapi (NEWS), Shota Yasuda (関ジャニ∞), Ohkura Tadayoshi (関ジャニ∞) and Akanishi Jin (KAT-TUN) that he meets with the most

★Takuya Kimura of SMAP and him share the same blood type (O) and  Star Sign: Scorpius

★His foot size is 26.5 cm, for sneakers (which he collects) 27 cm

★He lives in Kadoma City in Osaka and He was born in Amagasaki City in Hyogo

★His favorite foods include cold boiled rice, chinese noodles, miso soup, wakame noodles, garlic rice, pickled gingers and anything with mayonnaise.

★He hates Sayaendou ( Green Peas), all fish (except sea bream and boiled globe fish), Casserole, warm vegetables, sweet things
(especially ocean candy) gratin, and Chocolate
(How can you HATE CHOCOLATES?!)

★Favorite music artist: Nirvana, Mr.Children and Red HOt chili peppers. he also likes Jazz and classical music.

★Yokoyama Yuu gave him the nickname Dokkun because of his sharp tounge.

★He is the only one in NEWS/ Jyannis that got a special Solo LIVE concert.

★He is a fan of Lea Dizon. (which i found out was part Filipino! *flails* he likes filipino beauties)

★The ongoing rivalry between Ryo and Tatsuya Ueda is rumored to be  scripted by Jyannis when in fact the two are good friends.

Ryo is really the Kanjani8 Secret Leader. In a recent interview with Yokoyama Yuu, he said that Ryo usually ends up making decisions for the team.

★His name Ryo-chan comes from his height .He was really really short.

★He auditioned for Johnny's Entertainment on September 6,1997.
(*saves the date*)

★ Ryo can cook well. His specialty is making Yakiniku, Spaghetti with Meatballs and cakes. Ryo can bake well!

★He can play 3 instruments: The Guitar ( Solo concert) Piano, and Harmonica (Heat Up!)

★He is organized chaos.  He organizes his racks of costumes every concert by himself, his concert notes and everything else, but he has one of the messiest lockers in Johnny's Entertainment.

★He donated some of his earnings from 1 Liter of Tears to the research for the cure of Spinocerebellar Degeneration, Aya Kito's disease in 1 Liter of Tears.


Nishikido Ryo: the Psychology of a Smile
Mabudachi: a RyoPi Livejournal Community
Nishikato: LJ Community
Sexy Osaka Man: The Nishikido Ryo Fanlisting
Have a Break, Have a Ryo!
Sexy Osaka Man Picspam byshprimp
Campaign Nishikido Ryo Multimedia by  shprimp
Pretty Boy Love Campaign

Ryo Picspam By redturtlereveri
Ryo birthday Picspam by x_freya_x
Ryo Picspam by thoughtsofadrop
Many Phases of Ryo Picspam by [info]saihara
Ryo Chinese Site
RYO SCANS from newscan_project by tinyangl ( I LOVE THIS GIRL!!)
Sekino Fan Site
Ryo Picspam by _hydelove_</div>

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downloads & videos

Ryo Heat Up Solo: MU

Ai Igai Nandemonai: MU
Ryo Touches himself :MU
1 Liter of Tears Teaser: MU | SS
Ryo Solo concert: Coming soon

marikit loves ryo

It is my first ever feature and I am happy to say that it is Nishikido Ryo! (No, I am not biased) He's my ichiban!! The truth is, I never thought I would like Ryo. When I first started liking Ryo, it was because of Shouta from Attention Please. Then, I watched 1 Liter of Tears, and I was hooked! Ryo is a real character. He acts all tough and intimidating, but he's a real sweetheart!

Ryo is an older brother to NEWS and that appeals to me.Even though he can act bitchy at times, he is really one that is most concerned for the boys of NEWS and Kanjani 8. He shoulders responsibility and allows  the others to just enjoy themselves. Ryo to me is a wonderful person. Who shows the world that he is REAL. Ryo has no pretenses about him. He is what he is, no matter how sharp they think his tounge is.

He is not the most handsome guy but he is hella charming and that appeals to me the most... I mean, just look at his smile! I DIE! That hazukashii smile got me hooked and since then, Ryo-chan is my #1


Info Credits: JPBBS, Fans! WIkipedia, The INTERNET and more...
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